March 11- First movie of 2015

Terri gets to pick the movie this time, or if she can’t come, Mel will. Potluck as usual. 6:00 at Mel’s.


The Hospital fights back

This morning I got this email from my friend, Justus:

Hey all,
This morning, I was briefed by someone who visited Nzambi together with Philip Muasya, the Standard reporter who first wrote Nzambi’s story. I had a lengthy conversation with this guy, who happens to be a friend of mine from Mwingi.

From the conversation, it struck me that we might be fighting a losing battle (sorry if this sounds discouraging). For starters, we should forget about the co-operation of Aunty Jane or even the father of this girl (politics is playing out here, big time)-they just won’t listen to anyone else except the Red Cross.

Someone has convinced them that there is value in dealing with an established organisation, like the Red Cross, than an amorphous group of individuals. The doctor who has been treating Nzambi has accepted to be interviewed by a newspaper reporter on Monday and Aunty Jane is likely to be interviewed as well- they will paint a rosy picture of Nzambi’s condition and we’ll all look like fools…….

My intention is to send a version of the following letter to the reporter:

Dear Mr. Muasya,

Our group is thrilled that you were able to visit Nzambi recently. Thank you so much for your efforts and concern on her behalf.

As a trained reporter, it will be apparent to you that despite the high regard that Aunty Jane and everyone holds for the Kenyan Red Cross, the facts remain that until last week, at least,
1. they have not paid a penny toward Nzambi’s care
2. she is not walking yet
3. her legs have not been reset
4. her wounds are still infected
5. little medically has been done for her, other than “warehouse” her at the hospital

Aunty Jane confided to our Nairobi colleague that a member of the staff had told her the hospital was considering holding back any treatment they are giving Nzambi due to lack of non-payment.

This situation must be terrifying for Aunty Jane, she is away from home and out of her depth politically.

Our hope is that one way or another, Nzambi gets the treatment she requires to walk again. Ideally she should be in Nairobi Women’s Hospital, but we believe if she gets the treatment she requires at Kenyatta, we will be satisfied. We further hope that once that happens, she may spend some time at the Sanctuary in Meru where she can receive counselling and emotional support in order to live a healthy life in the future. However, we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Thank you again, Mr. Muasya.

Respectfully yours,
Sharon Jackson
Deputy Mayor,
Duncan, BC

I am getting it checked over now by other members of our group before I send. If any of you find these emails annoying, let me know and I will begin to respond to questions personally rather than to us all.



Links I said I would send you.

About death:

About Nzambi

This is the story to date. tomorrow Kitua Che Sheria, a lawyer’s organization is getting a court order to release her to the Gender Violence Recovery Unit at Nairobi Women’s Hospital. That will be happening at 11:00 or 12:00 our time tonight.

Indiegogo Campaign

This is the fundraiser

Was that it???



Metis blogger I mentioned.

I highly recommend signing up for her blog. She does not blog often

In case you had not heard, Ron Jarvis passed away this morning. His son’s did not make it in time, sadly.

November Movie Night Anyone?

Now that we all seem to be back in the Cowichan Valley (Anne just returning on Friday) I think it’s time for a warm and cosy movie night. How does Thursday, November 15th work for everyone? I hope by now you have all subscribed (Janine and Pattie, tsk tsk) to the blog so this notification will show up in your inboxes. I will propably email everyone as well. It is my turn to choose a movie, hee hee, as Janine brought the last one, Extremely Loud and INcredible Close. I will make a comfort-food style casserike if some kind and we can keep dinner quick and simple. Anyone else want to bring a salad and Helen, you did mention PUMPKIN PIE, although I won’t hold you to it, as you are doing the 30 day challenge!

Hope to see everyone this Thursday, around 6 o:clock! Wah, first time without Thanya….


We Could All Do Christmas in Tahiti!

Few of us have a lot of cash to spare. But Dianne has a good idea.

If we could get our Movies not Books crowd together, everyone could throw in a number. We pull out 7 numbers- six plus the extra.

We can play those numbers for as long as we like. If everyone put in some money, we could play once a month or every two weeks.

What do we think about that? If we won, we could spend Christmas with Raoul the pool boy pouring us drinks with little umbrellas in them

Hot August Night Movie Night!

I am hoping to get everyone together on August 23rd for a movie night, perhaps the last of the summer and wah!!! the last with Thanya in our midst for a while. Sooo…. who’s up for it? It is Janine’s turn to choose if she can make it!!

Potluck on the patio and screen time after!
See you soon!

Next Movie Night: July 12!

Hello Ladies!
It has been far to long since we gathered together with at least the intention of watching a movie! I’m thinking dinner on the patio, summer fare, a slightly fizzy bottle or two of Damasco, and a MOVIE! Of course, I’m assuming we will be having a summer.
How many can come that evening? It was Thanya’s turn to pick last time, so moving down the alphabetical list, last names, it is now Janine’s turn! Hopefully, the hallowed halls of healing will not claim you… if we are to be deprived of your company once again, sadly, I shall have to assign the task to myself. Hee hee. Why, am I writing like Jane Austen with a doobie?

See everyone soon!

Sarah’s Key

Sharon here. I just watched an amazing film called Sarah’s Key. It is about a Jewish family in Paris in 1943. The French Government, not the Nazis rounded up 75,000 Jews from one neighbourhood and had them sent to concentration camps.

Sixty years later, a journalist who is married to the family who moved into their flat a month after they disappeared, begins to look into what happened back then and tries to find the children of the family. Wow. A very powerful movie. Highly recommended and rentable at Pioneers Video

Tuesday May 1st. May Day Movie Night

A Surprise Movie Night! Thanya gets to pick. She thinks it will be the amazing video called “Tracker.” Filmed in New Zealand, it was a smash hit there under the name of “Utu,” which means “revenge.”

Melanie will make dinner!