We have so much fun talking and laughing, it is possible this group may turn into talkingnotmoviesnotbooks. Either way, we might consider starting the movies- what ever they are – by 7:30, so that if there is a long movie, we can watch it and still have a tea break. I do understand that this one was extra long! So, for those of you who want to know the end: (not you, THANYA!)


Amanda returns to the present to find Elizabeth as she believes Mr. Bennett is dying. She finds her boyfriend again and as he takes her on his motorcycle to find where Elizabeth Bennett works. In the street crowd she spies Mr. Darcy, who has followed her into the present and who is totally overwhelmed and confused, not knowing where he is.

She jumps off the motorcycle and when he sees her, he once again declares his love, that he would harrow hell for her. She takes his hand and they walk to the house where Elizabeth is working as a nanny. The household is vegan and she fits right in, making sure the children brush their teeth with twigs and salt and chalk.

As they get ready to leave, the boyfriend drives up, tries to fight Mr. Darcy and fails. Amanda blows off his ultimatum and the three return to the past.

Lady Elizabeth DeBurgh threatens Amanda and says she will annul the marriage between Mr. and Mrs. Collins, allowing Jane to marry Mr. Bingley if Amanda promises never to return again.

Jane does not believe Mr. Bingley will have her, but he has since sobered up and promises he will marry her and take her to America.

Elizabeth tells her father that she wants to go back to Hammersmith and he gives her his blessing.

The last scene is Amanda running toward Mr. Darcy on the garden terrace (having broken her word to Lady Catherine), and we know they will FINALLY jump in the sack.